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A meditation a day keeps the doctor away...or something like that! Daily meditations delivered to your phone every weekday.

Mindfulness, Compassion and Positive Psychology practices of mainly 5-10 minutes so you can squeeze these science-backed techniques into your day to improve your wellbeing. Find out more and sign up by hitting the View Details button above.

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Mindfulness can be done anywhere - not just sitting on a mat. A range of practices sent to you using sitting primarily, but also movement, walking, stretching and various breathing techniques.

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Practices to help you be kinder to yourself, and to notice when you're not being kind to yourself to start making changes to the way you are with yourself. Making the most of our evolutionary systems that respond to kindness.

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Positive Psychology

We hear a lot about gratitude, but there are plenty of practices that actually rewire your brain for happiness. A way of feeling happy right now, in the present moment, rather than waiting for X, Y or Z to happen!

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