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Mindful Mums Project

Our latest offering from the Mindful Mums Project is an in-person session at the Maqam Centre in London's NW10...5th July at 11am

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The Mindful Mums Project is for new Mums, pregnant Mums, older Mums, single Mums, Mums with kids of all ages, and carers of course! Devised by Mindfulness teachers (and Mums) Jessica and Sands...scroll down for more...we want to bring these amazing skills to others as they are easy to learn and powerful to use in those tricky moments.

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What would motherhood be like if you could...

  • Lose the Mum guilt?

  • Stop overthinking?

  • Enjoy life more?

  • Be more present with your kids?

We are currently squirreling away and working on and perfecting our Mindful Mums Project 4-week course. Get in touch if you want to be the first to know when we're launching!

We have previously run a four session course with the following sessions.

De-stressing for calm - SESSION 1

Ways to de-stress - even with your kids around. Identify the signs of stress and know which tools to adopt at which moment to keep your cool...

Finding balance - SESSION 2

Learn the tricks your mind plays on you...what to do when your mind runs away with itself and..

how to reframe your thoughts

Rewiring your brain for more joy - SESSION 3

The science behind creating more positivity in your day - it doesn't take long but it is so powerful as we make regular space for it in our life . Get those happy hormones pumping.

Befriending your inner critic - SESSION 4

We all need to be kinder to ourselves as *life is hard* - this session walks you through the steps we need to take to recognise, challenge and transcend that inner critic.

What you get with the Mindful Mums Project Online Sessions:

-Designated workbook to keep you on track

-Your own Mindful Mums Project notepad

-Daily meditations sent to your phone (Mon-Fri) to keep you on track

-Support between sessions

* if you miss a session, we'll give you all the notes and practices from there

Your Course Creators

Added extras
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Jessica Paton

Coach Yourself Better

Jessica has been coaching for more than five years and wanted to share how learning the skills of Mindfulness & Compassion has transformed the relationship with her children AND herself. "Motherhood can be very stressful - learning and adopting these skills doesn't make stress disappear - but I do have the tools to make me feel more in control. But a huge difference is being able to enjoy the quieter moments to resource myself for the crazy times."

You can read more about my experience on the Home Page.

Learn More
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Dr Sands McCutcheon -

Mindfulness Skills4Life

Sands has been coaching for more than ten years. "I try to keep my life simple by not doing too much for me or over-scheduling my kids. I struggle to keep my house tidy (and I’m have learned to be OK with that). I notice I have high expectations of myself at times – so a real part of my life and practice is being truly content with being a ‘good enough’ mum."


Find our more about Sands on the Mindfulness Skills4Life website.

Learn More
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The Mindful Mums Project is developed by trained Mindfulness & Compassion teachers Jess & Sands who are both busy - and imperfect(!) - Mums, who have stopped giving themselves a hard time! And you can too...

Jessica & Sands have created this project for YOU because we know motherhood can be really tough. We are both Mindfulness teachers and Sands is actually a Dr with a background in neuroscience!


We’re not perfect, but feel the tools we use to get through the day help us with the tricky stuff, and maximise the joy. We love teaching about how our mind works. The Mindfulness is the awareness; the Compassion is the healing – giving ourselves a much needed metaphorical AND physical break.


We talk about expectations – of yourselves and others; we encourage you to be vulnerable. Our stoic culture of keep calm and carry on helps no-one!


And we want to provide real value from these sessions, so we will provide a workbook with really practical things to take away – we can guarantee it’s like nothing quite like you've learned before!

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