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This remarkable methodology works with your Unconscious mind to reset pain messages. If you are experiencing pain from an old injury or problem, and want to try a different approach than medication or hands on techniques, read on.

How OldPain2Go works

Pain is part of our survival system. It is a warning that something is wrong and encourages us to take action - this could be moving away from something harming us (like a hot stove), or visiting a doctor about an ongoing problem. If you have done this and an appropriate healing time has taken place, and the pain still remains, there could be other factors - like emotional reasons, for your body to be holding onto the pain.


This methodology was created from an NLP technique and works with the Unconscious Mind - to review the pain message. The Unconscious is like a computer and runs programmes. It may have installed a programme during a time or trauma, to protect you from something. It may still think it's protecting you for the old reasons.


An OldPain2Go session usually takes 1.5 hours and I work with you to find out the original cause and other issues that might be relevant to find out why holding onto the pain. The Unconscious mind - which runs all your organs without conscious thought - might decide to lower the intensity of the pain, or it can remove the old pain message if it is safe to do so.


If it sounds fantastical, I understand. You don’t even need to believe it – you just have to have a strong intent to want to be pain-free. Imagine how your life would change with less or no pain...

Find out more about OldPain2Go or book in a call to see if it can help you.