You can access more than 35 practices on my SoundCloud page.

Mindful eating practice
Take any food and eat it mindfully. Follow the steps on this practice on this mindful eating practice on Soundcloud and you can tune into the tastes, textures, smells each time you eat.

All Day Gratitude
A practice that takes us through our day, reminding us to be grateful for the little things we might take for granted. A good way to offset the brain's negativity bias. Read Robert Emmons' research on gratitude,  why it is so good for us and all the health benefits associated with practising it. All Day Gratitude practice on SoundCloud here.

Mindful Movement - Walking Meditation.pdf

S - Stop

T - Take a breath

O - Observe

P - Proceed

Self-Compassion Break
A 5 minute practice that is adapted from Dr Kristen Neff's practice of the same name. Self Compassion Break on SoundCloud here.