Can you Coach Yourself Better?

Through Music, Wellbeing, or Music + Wellbeing, YES!

What we do

Music - DJ nights

Jessica is a multi-genre DJ - aka Northern Jessy and runs nights in North West London for the public. Next event on 4 July at Bar Love

Corporate Wellbeing

Increased happiness improves productivity. Mindset and movement = motivated staff. Different packages available to suit all budgets.

Music and wellbeing

Sober raves, silent discos, workshops with breathwork and movement to music.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next DJ night?

Ladbroke Groove - Thursday 4 July at Bar Love on Portabello Road in London - just turn up (and say hi)

Please follow @northernjessydj on Insta for more details

How does music integrate with wellbeing?

Wellbeing can be achieved in a myriad of ways - music is just one of them. Jess loves to get people out of their minds and into their bodies through movement.

How do you help employees?

Check out our packages. Jessica offers a range of packages to suit different employers' budgets, that help employees to de-stress, find calm and feel happier! Book a discovery call today through contact box.

Do you have any free resources?

YES, there are over 100 practices on SoundCloud. Check them out and see what you fancy. Give them a listen and if you want to receive daily meditations on WhatsApp, I have a subscription service called Daily Meds. Link coming soon...


Jessica - aka Northern Jessy - plays in Bar Love on a monthy (ish) basis. The next night is on 4 July from 8pm til midnight. Multi-genre including reggae hip hop, house and drum n bass. Come and feel the vibes and party the night away with delicious cocktails at Bar Love. Or follow on Insta for updated dates:

Corporate Wellbeing

Low productivity? High absenteeism? Our corporate packages help to address these problems by teaching staff tools with which to improve their own wellbeing. They can be weaved into busy lives...small transformations add to big impact. Wellbeing packages range from a one-off interactive workshop through to a month-long intervention culminating in a celebration. Creating happy staff with packages with or without music. How can we help your company?

Music + Wellbeing

We have some exciting public events in the alcohol-free rave and a day-long retreat incorporating...and many other events planned with a musical twist.

“Since the wellbeing workshop, I've found a new level of calm and focus. The blend of mindset and movement has truly transformed my wellbeing.”

Emily R.

Contact us

Reach out to us for any queries or to book a session.


Coach Yourself Better
Brent, England, United Kingdom

About us

Jessica is a Wellbeing Coach and DJ.

About me

Jess began DJing in Saigon in 2003...afte a loooong break, she took it back up a few years ago  with the creation of Gold Dust (an old school night incorporating different genres).


Jess' wellbeing journey started with an NLP certification and has since trained in Mindfulness & Compassion, Breathwork and various other wonderful techniques. Her passion is to help people change their lives by creating and maintaining tiny habits that add up to big impact.