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Can you Coach Yourself Better?

Through Music, Wellbeing, or Music + Wellbeing, YES!

Music + Wellbeing

Enhance your wellbeing with music therapy! Manage stress, boost mood, and reduce anxiety through mindfulness, guided imagery, and deep breathing, all complemented by soothing melodies. Engage in singing or playing instruments to foster community and personal achievement. Experience holistic health by integrating music into your daily routine.

Corporate Wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing programs are designed to enhance employee health, morale, and productivity. We offer comprehensive packages that include mindfulness and stress management workshops, physical fitness sessions, and nutritional guidance. Our mindfulness workshops help employees develop techniques to manage stress and maintain focus, while our fitness sessions, ranging from yoga to high-intensity interval training, cater to all fitness levels. Additionally, our nutritional guidance provides personalized dietary plans to boost energy and overall health. By investing in our corporate wellbeing programs, companies can foster a healthier, more engaged, and more productive workforce.


Our Habit Building service is designed to help you create and maintain tiny habits that add up to big impacts on your well-being. With our…

Music - DJ nights

Increased happiness improves productivity. Mindset and movement = motivated staff. Different packages available to suit all budgets.

Our Music and Well-being service combines the power of music with mindfulness and other well-being techniques to help you reduce stress, boost your mood, and…






Unforgettable Events with DJ Northern Jessy: Perfect for Any Occasion



Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your event to the next level. Book DJ Northern Jessy now and ensure your celebration is filled with the best vibes and memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s make your event an unforgettable experience!










Corporate Wellbeing

Low productivity? High absenteeism? Our corporate packages help to address these problems by teaching staff tools with which to improve their own wellbeing. They can be weaved into busy lives...small transformations add to big impact. Wellbeing packages range from a one-off interactive workshop through to a month-long intervention culminating in a celebration. Creating happy staff with packages with or without music. How can we help your company?

Jess began DJing in Saigon in 2003...afte a loooong break, she took it back up a few years ago  with the creation of Gold Dust (an old school night incorporating different genres).









“Since the wellbeing workshop, I've found a new level of calm and focus. The blend of mindset and movement has truly transformed my wellbeing.”

Emily R.



Wellbeing workshops and talks for staff to elevate their wellbeing and to help them de-stress, find calm and feel happier.


A series of sequential workshops where employees start to embed wellbeing practices into their lives in the simplest of ways.


A series of sequential workshops where employees start to embed wellbeing practices into their lives in the simplest of ways. Platinum package includes leadership training to ensure wellbeing coaching starts at the top.

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Coach Yourself Better
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When is your next DJ night?


Ladbroke Groove - Thursday 4 July at Bar Love on Portabello Road in London - just turn up (and say hi)

Please follow @northernjessydj on Insta for more details

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How does music integrate with wellbeing?

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How do you help employees?

Check out our packages.jessica offers a range of package to suit different employers budgets that help employees to destress, find calm and feel happier!Book a discovery call today through cotact box.

Do you have any free resources?


YES, there are over 100 practices on SoundCloud. Check them out and see what you fancy. Give them a listen and if you want to receive daily meditations on WhatsApp, I have a subscription service called Daily Meds. Link coming soon...






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