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Happier, healthier employees

Coach Yourself Better offers bespoke training programmes in your organisation that combine neuroscience based mindfulness to reduce work related stress and job burnout while increasing wellness and productivity.


With 17.9 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety (in 2019/20), now is the time to invest in your employees' mental health. 50% of people — across professions, from the nonprofit sector to the medical field — are burned out (Harvard Business Review), so how can you help?

Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) accredited teacher Jessica, will work together with you to build a tailored programme that will benefit YOUR staff.

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"These sessions are really calming. Like a massage or therapy session. I left feeling really zen" 
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Corporate Wellbeing

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Practising Mindfulness & Breathwork has been proven to:

Improve Sleep

Calming down the nervous system slows the heart rate and helps us to prepare for sleep, fall asleep more quickly  and even improve sleep quality.

Increase Focus

Mindfulness training helps us recognise mind wandering and distractions and helps us to direct our attention in a healthy way.

Reduce Stress

Simple practices help us to recognise past ruminations and future anxiety, and allow us to identify stress in our body and manage it better.

Manage Anxiety

Understanding anxiety of body and mind, coupled with learning calming practices, helps us to take control of our anxiety.

Create More Calm

Simple ideas for soothing the mind and body can be adopted throughout the working day and beyond: breathing, self-soothing are some examples.

Encourage Co-operation

Learning these skills together creates a connection between colleagues and improves self-awareness and communication.

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