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Mindfulness Cafe website screenshot.png

On 12 July at 6pm, after hours, the first ever Mindfulness Café took place in the Giggling Café in Kilburn and saw a group of people convening to meditate, then drink tea, eat cake and chat with like-minded others!


It is a completely new concept that connects people in the community who want to practise Mindfulness, with a local café, and an accredited Mindfulness teacher.

The sessions are generally run either after hours in a café, or during a quiet period in the day, either exclusively, or in a specific area. The Mindfulness part of the session will last about 30-40 minutes, with refreshments after (not included in ticket price). The concept of connecting local community, local cafés and mindfulness teachers was dreamed up by Jessica Paton of Coach Yourself Better.

If you are a café owner and would like to hold a Mindfulness Café, or if you are a Mindfulness teacher, please contact Jessica here

If you are a Mindfulness teacher and would like to get involved, please contact Jessica here.

Mindfulness Café has its own dedicated website where you can find more info. This is very much a concept that is in development so there is lots going on behind the scenes that hasn't been announce this space :)

Mindfulness Café

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