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Breathwork has gained huge popularity in recent years, with good reason! There are so many ways we can use our breath to benefit our health. We can speed it up for energy; we can slow it down for calm, and there are lots of different practices you can learn easily and embed into your life in easy ways. 

And it's a resource you always have with you, at your nose-tips, as it were! We are currently teaching the YOGABODY curriculum, which is a four week course (for individuals or groups) to learn and embed 10 different practices in your life for energy, balance and calm. It really is life changing. One attendee called it a 'total game changer'.

Currently offering one-to-one clients a four week course - 30 min session once per week. Also available for corporate Breathwork courses.


Book in for a free 20 min breathing session to see what it's all about! 


Learn to breathe in different ways throughout the day to impact your body: breathe for energy to get you going in the morning and before exercise...breathe for balance - to chill you out a bit when you're feeling stressed and to bring some energy when you're feeling sluggish, and breathe for calm, to calm you down or help you sleep.

We will explore: belly breathing, using ocean breath, the science of breathing, the history, using holds and seals. Each attendee is expected to do 15 mins of daily practise – 5 mins in the morning, 5 mins in the afternoon, and 5 mins in the evening (can be done in bed!). The first session will feature some breath 'tests' so you can establish where you're at now, and we can test again at the end of the course. You will learn so much!

The YOGABODY Breathing techniques into three categories:


Coffee – for energy, Water – for balance,  Whisky – for calm



Personal Breathwork sessions are 30 mins long, but the curriculum is the same. Can be combined with Mindfulness. Book a free Discovery Session below...

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