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"I had huge self doubt and constantly worried about my past and the future. After just our first session together, I started to feel such a huge weight off my shoulders as Jessica guided me through reasons as to why I felt this way. 

I came away with many techniques, which not only helps me to be kinder to myself but also how to be more in the present moment. Incorporating these into my daily life has truly transformed my being.

I was always so excited for my sessions and I would recommend Jessica a million times over!"

Personal Coaching
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"I was in a very heightened state of anxiety and I was in a really dark place. Jess makes opening up very easy, but I did not feel vulnerable. It was a liberating experience, being able to completely let go and get all of my feelings out into the air. I felt like I was unloading so much that I had held onto and I cried so much but it was like a cleanse. I feel much more in control of the fact I have not got control over every aspect of my life and I’m learning that it’s okay, and also allowing myself to have good days and bad and trying to find a new normal for myself and taking time to build my own self esteem through self care."

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“I got so much more from the course than I could have anticipated. It gives you lots of ways in which to think about and address challenges. There is no pressure or expectation put on you. Jessica is great at explaining the theory and summarising various individual’s approaches to mindfulness and compassion. I feel much more positive and in control as a result of the course. I feel so much better already - much more cheery and energised - it's amazing”

Group Coaching

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I found it really helpful to talk to someone on a one to one basis. Verbalising feelings in a non-judgemental environment really helped me to identify repeating themes in my subconscious. I missed having the session when the course finished and I am keen to make sure I continue to refresh my learning by reviewing all the helpful tips and tools provided.

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I found OldPain2Go intriguing but remained a true sceptic when it came to believing in it. Until, that is, I went through a very emotionally painful and toxic experience and I was willing to try anything. I gave oldpain2go a go. Life changer. I literally felt what I can only described as a giant goosebump travelling fast through my body from my feet and out of my fingers. The worry and anxiety left me and haven’t returned since. I’d like to add that I was sober and sane at the time! There’s no need to ever see anyone else other than de-stress Jess

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I found the course thought provoking, empowering and soothing. Course was balanced with elements of introductory practices including opportunities to experience more challenging elements of mindfulness. Jessica was very responsive, passionate and eager to share her love of mindfulness to others. Helping to empower and provide tools for us to calm our mind, body and soothe the soul. As the course ended it has gave me a fresh approach to learn more.

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